Queen-breeding equipment box

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Zuchtgerätekasten (Set)

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Art.-No. 090 -
Queen-breeding equipment box

Working equipment and working table compact together in one set

All 13 devices in the breeding equipment box are usefully arranged and packed in a box.
The breeding equipment box can be used for the following procedures in an apiary:

   - Intercepting the Queen -
     Queen tongs are included in the equipment box
  •    - Marking the Queen -
         Adhessives, brushes, opalith platelets, cleaning solution for brushes and magnifying glass included in the set.
  •    - Cutting wings -
         Scissores contained in the set
  •    - Royale jelly extraction for personal use -
         Syringe storage tubes, suction hoses contained in the set

The article consisting of: 

- 1 storage tubes for royale jelly

- Syringe

- Suction hoses

- 1 Magnifying glass for marking, cutting wings and for Varroa test

- 1 Queen Tongs intercept draw and cut wings

- 1 Suction hoses for queen tongs

- 1 stamp with soft rubber to hold the queen

- 1 brushes for marking the queen

- Opalith platelets (five yearly colours)

- 2 Adhesives for opalith platelets

- 1 Cleaning solution for brushes

- 1 Scissores


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