About us

Karl Jenter, born in 1923, developed his interest in bee-keeping while still a schoolboy, as his father was an experienced bee-keeper. He delved ever more deeply into bee-keeping after 1945, already gaining valuable experience in this area in those early years.

Building upon his expertise in designing, he started developing the "Umsteckverfahren" (reinsertion method) in the early 1980s. This involves a device for queen rearing that allows every bee-keeper to rear queen bees in a simple and easy way. As the development progressed, he founded the company bearing his name, Karl Jenter, in 1983.

From 1987 to 1990, Karl Jenter became known as the creator of the reinsertion method; during this time he received three major awards for his ground-breaking work in the field of queen rearing:    

-1987: Apimondia gold medal in Warsaw           
-1989: Jahn Dzierzan gold medal in Rio de Janeiro    
-1990: Balkan gold medal in Belgrade

He later travelled the world, visiting trade fairs to introduce his latest developments and to make his reinsertion method more widely known.

In more recent years he worked on additional advances, such as the queen tongs, with which queens can be simply and safely held for easier marking.

He initially devoted himself intensely to the advancement of queen rearing.Later he started a brand-new development; a device that makes it possible to harvest large quantities of royal jelly. For this, several prototypes were produced and various experiments were conducted in recent years.

 In 2010, Karl Jenter retired from active business at the company at the age of 87.

Karl-Heinz Jenter, son of the founder Karl Jenter, now successfully runs the company in the second generation.